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Unlike other "speed-reading" courses, ExecuRead is a 2-step speed-reading strategy. First, we teach you the skill of speed-reading. Then we show you how to USE the skill of speed-reading to increase work-place productivity & time-management and to improve decision-making & critical thinking effectiveness.

Once you have the reading speed to get through your reading workload faster than ever before, you now have the time to put this skill to good use, an important component of the ExecuRead Strategy. Let's use the business decision cycle (OODA loop) as an example.

(This video is also available on You Tube)

With the application of ExecuRead to your decision-making process you will find that actions based upon informed decisions invariably have predictable outcomes. ExecuRead has a proven track-record of substantially improving the reading speed and decision-making capabilities of executives, managers, professionals and students.

Our ExecuRead speed-reading teaching methodology is based in part upon 25 years experience as Institute Director and Director of Instruction for Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics (South Africa) plus more than 35 years personal experience in researching, developing, using & teaching speed-reading skills. Consequently, we guarantee at least a 100 percent immediate increase in your reading/comprehension speed (although an average 5-fold increase has been achieved over the past 12 years). That's like increasing your reading speed from 300 words per minute to 1500 words per minute WITHOUT losing comprehension!  And this is applicable to ALL types of material -- email, newspapers, office-reading, technical-reports, study-material -- and in ALL formats -- hardcopy, computer & tablet. You can test your own reading speed and comprehension right now to see how you rank.

Whether you're an executive wanting to boost company successes, or a manager responsible for a team of decision-makers, or a military intelligence analyst placing lives in harm's way, or a student seeking better grades, ExecuRead is the solution. Book your private on-site group courses at your location or join one of our public weekend courses.  ACT NOW! Call Dr Bruce Stewart, toll free, at 888.439.3287 to discuss your reading needs and our ExecuRead solution.

Leading companies use ExecuRead to increase work-place productivity.
Successful executives & managers use ExecuRead for better decision-making and to keep ahead of the competition.
Marine intelligence analysts and the SEALs use ExecuRead to save lives on the battlefield.
The NSA & DIA use ExecuRead to spot the bad guys.
Graduate students use ExecuRead for a deeper & broader subject understanding.
And students preparing for a GED use it together with GED test preparation provided by GED Test, which offer kits to improve GED study and testing potential.

ExecuRead Speed Reading with Comprehension - It's easier than you think. Just click on the speed reading course selection on the left and you'll find the perfect course to meet your needs. Or even easier - simply call us right now on +1.704.451.0525 or 888.439.3287

Public Speed Reading Classes now forming in NC

Call us to arrange an On-site Speed Reading Course at your Company, School, College

Client Comments

"The most important professional development I've had in years." Brig Gen ***, USAF Pentagon

"This course has become indispensable to our students" Laura Crawley, PH.D., Director Executive MBA Program, J Mack Robinson College of Business.

"Of all the courses I've had over the years, yours stands out as the absolutely, by far, the best instructed course and most enjoyable for me personally, I've ever experienced!" Mark Sorrell
IT Operations, The Babcock & Wilcox Nuclear Operations Group

"I had the tremendous fortune of attending the ExecuRead program during the first semester of an Executive MBA program. It was a life-changing experience! The skills I gained in just two days of this course allowed me to reclaim innumerable study hours. Incredibly, not only was I able to blow through reading assignments, but I actually retained far more of what I was reading. I know of no better resource than ExecuRead to help you dramatically improve your ability to stay current in your industry and reclaim your most precious resource - time. Dr Stewart was so professional, entertaining, and inspiring that his ExecuRead course is now a permanent feature of the EMBA program I attended." Robert Moss, EMBA 2010

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If you're not sure whether a classroom speed reading course is right for you, order our Home-Study Speed Reading Course Now! And if you decide later that classroom training would be better for you, we'll give you a 100% investment credit towards the classroom course tuition fee.

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