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Reading and Comprehension Test \ Analysis

Reading Speed Analysis

Your average reading speed over this passage was 810 words per minute. Now test your comprehension.

Reading Speed Analysis table

Less than 150 wpm Your reading speed is below the average generally required for academic and business reading. You are at risk of missing important new information relevant to your field of work or study.
150 - 299 wpm Average reading speed for people in business or studying. This speed is considered inadequate for people working in a competitive environment.
300 - 499 wpm Above average. In a non-competitive environment, this would be fine. But this speed still requires considerable time and effort to keep pace with new information relevant to your field of work or study.
500 - 1000 wpm An excellent reading rate achieved by less than 1 percent of the population. Indicates that you have breached the sub-vocalization barrier of 475 - 500 wpm to some extent and are more than capable of attaining much higher speeds.
More than 1000 wpm A superb reading speed. You are too advanced for a basic reading improvement program and should consider an advanced classroom-based training course to achieve your maximum potential.
More than 5000 wpm Please contact us if you are interested in being considered as a Speed Reading International Instructor.

You've just tested your reading speed.

Now just imagine being able to read 2 times faster .... 5 times faster .... or even 10 times faster ... with the same or even better comprehension, concentration, retention and recall.

What would you do with such a skill?

  1. Get better grades at school and a better SAT score?
  2. Improve your general knowledge?
  3. Secure that higher-paid work promotion?
  4. Explore a new career?

It's easier than you think? You can do this at home with our ExecuRead HomeStudy Course or in one of our public weekend classroom courses. Or we can present this training on-site at your offices, college or military base.

Or simply call Dr Bruce Stewart on 704 .451 .0525 to discuss your needs.

Most importantly, if you do what our training tells you to do and you don't increase your reading/comprehension speed, we'll refund your training fee in full.