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Speed Reading Courses For ACT / SAT Preparation

Give your Child the Graduation Gift for a Lifetime


How your child finishes High School, plays a critical role in how your child starts the rest of life. And if you're worried about your child's reading and writing skills and think that they're seeing their world of information through dark glasses, do something about it NOW!

The ACT/SAT college admission tests are all about reading. Not just the ACT/SAT Reading Test, but the entire test. Think about it - if your child doesn't read fast enough, there's not enough time to finish the test. And points will be lost, not because of wrong answers, but simply because some of the questions were not even attempted.

Whether you're a parent, a caring family member or just a friend of the family looking for the perfect graduation gift, give that important student in your life an ExecuRead Course in Advanced Reading Skills. Let's face it, poor and inadequate reading skills are a pair of dark-glasses - a disability that will hamper their development both in life and a career. And you have the power to do something about it now.

In just 10 hours, your student will be reading faster, with better concentration and comprehension. And with a love of books and the enjoyment of reading. With just 10 hours of ExecuRead speed-reading & comprehension classroom coaching for the ACT/SAT reading tests, you'll see immediate results and could have the keys to a college of your choice plus a scholarship.

Results are Guaranteed

We offer regular weekend classroom courses in Charlotte NC and are able to provide private on-site coaching for your group at your location.  


Coaching Rates * Cost
Individual (plus a student friend FREE) ** US$750
Group of up to 12 students, teachers and/or parents POA

* Customary instructor travel / accommodation costs may apply.
** limited special


In the ACT Reading Test for example, students have to read 4 sections (about 3000 words) and answer 40 questions (about 2000 words), all in 35 minutes. And if they can't read at least 500 words a minute, they're at risk of getting a low score, either because they had to rush through the test, or because they didn't finish the test. And the same applies to the other sections of the test.

Test YOUR reading speed & comprehension with our ONLINE TESTS. Once you know your reading speed, you'll be able to see your Risk Level of not completing the ACT test in time.

  execuread for act/sat

Clients Comments

"Hi Dr. Stewart, I just wanted to give you a recap of Brock's performance on his most recent attempt on the ACT. Brock's composite ACT score went from a 28 to a 30.  There was dramatic improvement in the Reading portion (went from a 22 to a 29) and Science portion (went from a 27 to a 33) so the speed reading practice obviously helped. Thanks so much for your program.  It delivered the results we were looking for."
Bruce Anderson - Parent

"Best thing ever done for my academic career. Recall methods are invaluable."
Dane Grismer - Student

"Blown away by the results!"
Andy Maxson - Student

"Mandatory for any student."
Joe Skorpen - Pre-law student

"Amazed that everyone isn't doing this."
Sarah Orona - Louisiana State University

"Revolutionized my reading."
E.R. - Brown University

"Surpassed even my most ambitious expectations! I get through more material, improved my grades and have more free time as a direct result of the skills I learned. Well worth it at even twice the price"
Casey Callaway - McDonough Business School, Georgetown University

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