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Speed Reading Courses For Executives

Introducing ExecuRead PLUS SuperReading - a 15-hour executive reading-skills & information management improvement course, combining the best techniques from TWO of the most successful speed-reading courses ever developed -- a productivity tool that no senior executive or top-level professional should be without.

Essential training for the top-level executive who needs to:
  • quickly separate relevant intelligence from information "fluff",
  • assimilate ALL of the relevant information in a rapidly changing environment,
  • critically analyze & consider the potential impact of this information,
  • make an INFORMED decision as to the required action,
  • take action with a high expectation of achieving the anticipated outcome,
  • and to do this faster than the competitor.

Using the SADA-information-management-and-decision-making-strategy, this course is guaranteed to provide you with the tools necessary to read, process & retain critical and essential information faster, more efficiently & more productively than you ever believed possible.

Presented by Dr Bruce W Stewart, director of instruction for Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics (RSA), president of Speed Reading International and founder of ExecuRead, with more than 40 years international coaching experience in this field.

This Course may be presented over multiple days to suit your requirements. See our Speed Reading Course Calendar for scheduled courses & available dates for your on-site course.

Results are Guaranteed.

Coaching Rates * Cost
Group of 2 - 5 In-House participants US$10,000
Group of 6 - 10 In-House participants US$15,000

* includes up to 5 daily coaching sessions (totaling 15 hours) PLUS phone-support for 1 year PLUS refresher courses. Customary instructor travel / accommodation costs may apply.


Terms & Conditions  

Something to think about

When the Sun rises & the Cheetah awakes .... someone's already running.

Get up to Speed with the Best ... ExecuRead PLUS SuperReading PLUS a coach with 40 years experience. An Executive-level Speed Reading & Comprehension Coaching Experience for Top-level Executives.

In a "flat" world of fiber-optics, Asia, Africa, Europe and America are only seconds apart. And success means staying sharp and seizing every possible competitive edge.

When we consider that we live in a world where generalists and specialists are being out-performed by versatilists, the more information we process, the more productive & competitive we become.

Few of us read as much as we want to, or need to. We just don't seem to have the time ... or the skills. Yet most of us realize that reading is the door to new information, new advantages, new opportunities and new horizons.

The key is not to find more time, but to do a lot more, a lot smarter and in less time ... something the Cheetah perfected quite naturally. And we do the same for you.

"I needed a world-class coaching course to develop my reading skills to meet the reading demands of my professional responsibilities. Dr Stewart & ExecuRead for Executives proved to be an excellent 'fit' and I have confirmed his appointment to coach the rest of my executives" Read more
H.E. Sheikh Sultan Bin Tahnoon Al Nahyan - United Arab Emirates.