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Speed Reading Courses For MBA Students

Learn to Speed-Read with ExecuRead Speed-Reading Courses for MBA Students

With ExecuRead for MBA Students
you'll :
♦ Increase reading speed, comprehension & retention.
♦ Study faster & more effectively.
♦ Increase knowledge absorbtion levels.
♦ Improve critical-thinking & decision-making abilities.
♦ Increase reading enjoyment and general knowledge.
♦ Improve mind-mapping & report-writing skills.
♦ Increase productivity and improve time-management, at school and in the office.

We guarantee that you will increase your reading speed and reading productivity 2 to 10-fold by the end of the 10-hour course.

Coaching Rates (USA) Cost
Individual coming to a Public Course POA
Group of up to 10* on-campus participants POA
Group of up to 20* on-campus participants POA

* Plus customary instructor travel costs


ExecuRead for MBA Students - a speed reading & comprehension course designed to accommodate the specific reading & study needs of MBA and Graduate School students. This 10-hour course is for the busy MBA student who is trying to meet the demands of school, work and family and who needs to learn to speed read - to read, study and comprehend faster than you do now.  10 hours of classroom coaching for groups of 10 - 35 students at affordable rates as low as $195.

Contact Dr Bruce Stewart to discuss setting up a customized course at your Business or Graduate School.

Or see our Speed Reading Course Calendar for scheduled public courses.


Clients Include(d)

  • Robinson College of Business, GSU
  • Chicago-Booth Business School
  • Kenan Flagler Business School, UNC
  • Darden Business School, UVA
  • Honors Program, UNCC
  • Lincoln-Memorial Business School

B.B. : Harvard Business School "Amazing results. Thanks to the ExecuRead course, I increased my reading speed by over four times from an already high base, with strong comprehension. That's a premium skill for an MBA student."

David H. : Robinson College of Business, GSU "Wonderful use of my time. This 10-hour course should be the 1st class of ANY MBA program."

Corla B., GSU-RCB EMBA student from AT&T "ExecuRead should be standard for every student."

Robert Moss, GSU-RCB EMBA 2010 "I had the tremendous fortune of attending the ExecuRead program during the first semester of an Executive MBA program. It was a life-changing experience! The skills I gained in just two days of this course allowed me to reclaim innumerable study hours. Incredibly, not only was I able to blow through reading assignments, but I actually retained far more of what I was reading. I know of no better resource than ExecuRead to help you dramatically improve your ability to stay current in your industry and reclaim your most precious resource - time. Dr Stewart was so professional, entertaining, and inspiring that his ExecuRead course is now a permanent feature of the EMBA program I attended."

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