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5617 Providence Glen Rd
Charlotte, NC 28270
Phone: 704-844-1064
Email info@execuread.com

Speed Reading Courses For Schools

Improve your Reading with EduRead, Reading Improvement Skills for Middle & High Schools


EduRead  for Schools - a reading improvement program designed to increase reading speeds, enhance reading enjoyment and instill a passion for reading.  Everyone needs to read more productively and to make reading both Fun and Memorable! We provide on-campus coaching to groups of up to 35 students (and Teachers) per class and up to 100 students per day in multiple classes. We are able to work within existing school calendars and include daily exercises for continued reading improvement and a teacher-involvement program for continued implementation.   

Two hours of EduRead for Schools classroom coaching in advanced reading skills (over 1 or 2 sessions). 
♦ Increase EOG, SAT, ACT test scores and ABC & AYP school ratings.  
♦ Increase student concentration & classroom attentiveness levels. 
♦ Increase students' general knowledge & college preparedness.    

EduRead for Schools includes reading speed evaluation, identification of restrictive reading habits, discussion on concentration, comprehension, retention & recall skills, cortical acceleration exercises, mind-mapping skills, daily exercises for continued reading improvement.

We'll double the reading speed and increase the reading enjoyment of your entire school for $25-$35 per student.
($20-$30 per student in Charlotte NC).


Coaching Rates * Cost
Entire School US$25-$35 per student
Entire School in Charlotte, NC US$20-$30 per student

* Allow 1 week of training time per 300 students.

Terms & Conditions  
  eduread for schools

Clients Comments

"British Literature Award for achieving the highest grade in my school class"
Jennifer QuanStudent

"Increased my son's ACT score by 25% & won him a scholarship"
Lynn Chism, High School Principal

"Enlightening & practical"
Marla PalmerSchool Principal

"Improves study skills, recall & reading habits"
Shannon Bowman
English Teacher

"Using these skills with my 6th-Graders"
Christina Stamps - Teacher

"Highly recommended"
Jim SiemerAssistant Principal

"One of the most useful courses I've ever taken"
Lynne Chism, High School Principal

"Excellent! Everyone should have a chance to know these helpful reading strategies. Thank you so much!"
K.S. (16) - Providence High School

"I really enjoyed this EduRead course and was happy with my results. I now want to do the ExecuRead for Students 10hr course"
S.S. (14)
Jay Robinson Middle School

"I more than doubled my reading speed in only 2 hours"
C.B. (15) - Providence High School

"Great course! Will help me for the rest of my life. Thank you"
J.T. (16) - East Meck High

"Helped me a lot. Good course. Very worthwhile!"
K.G. (14) - South Meck

"EduRead was great! Loved it!"
W.K (15) - Carmel Middle School