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Speed Reading Courses For Teachers

Learn to Speed-Read with ExecuRead Speed-Reading Courses for Teachers


With ExecuRead for Teachers you'll :
♦ Increase both reading speed & comprehension! 
♦ Grade test papers faster! 
♦ Prepare for classes with mind-maps and a broader knowledge-base! 
♦ Increase academic background & research reading! 
♦ Help your students improve academic performance and ACT, SAT, PSAT scores!
♦ Increase productivity and improve time-management, at school and in the office. In fact, we  guarantee that you will increase your reading speed by more than double your current rate.

Speed Reading Course Results are Guaranteed! ... DOUBLE your reading productivity in our speed reading classroom courses, or get your money back!


Coaching Rates (USA) Cost
Individual coming to a Public Course POA
Group of up to 10 participants POA
Group of up to 20 participants POA

* Customary instructor travel / accommodation costs may apply.



ExecuRead for Teachers - a speed-reading & comprehension course designed to accommodate the specific reading & study needs of middle & high school and college teachers. This course is for anyone who wishes to learn to speed-read - to read, study and comprehend faster than you do now.

10 hours of classroom coaching for groups of 10 - 35 teachers at affordable rates. And for groups of students, teachers and parents wanting to do this together, we have our School-Special which is presented at your location. See our Speed Reading Course Calendar for scheduled courses & available dates for your on-site course.

  execuread for teachers

Clients Comments

"Increased my son's ACT score by 25% & won him a scholarship."
Lynn Chism
High School Principal

"Enlightening & practical."
Marla Palmer School Principal

"Improves study skills, recall & reading habits."
Shannon Bowman
English Teacher

"Using these skills with my 6th-Graders."
Christina Stamps - Teacher

"Highly recommended."
Jim Siemer - Assistant Principal

"One of the most useful courses I've ever taken."
Lynne Chism
High School Principal



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