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SuperReading Advanced Speed Reading Courses

Learn to Speed-Read with SuperReading - THE "Full-Throttle" Speed-Reading Course

SuperReading - The ultimate "Full-Throttle" speed reading course in the Quest for Perfection. Eight classroom training sessions of 3 hours per session over 4 - 8 weeks plus required daily home-practice.

Our focus is on maximizing reading speeds for the reading aficionado who wants it all and needs a heavy-weight skill for serious information-overload. The average speed increase over the past 25 years is x20 (300 words per minute to 6000 words per minute). This is the course that sets reading speed records.

Whether you need a skill for skimming through mountains of paper-work, reading for general understanding or really grinding for detailed comprehension, retention & recall, SuperReading delivers exceptional results, saving you time, saving you money and seriously boosting your productivity. The course requires considerable dedication in terms of self-discipline and personal effort.

SuperReading classes are scheduled for groups on demand only. In reality, most people will first complete the 10-hour ExecuRead course and then SuperReading if even higher reading speeds are still required. See our Speed Reading Course Calendar for scheduled courses & available dates for your on-site course.

The Speed Reading International SuperReading course was developed by Dr Bruce W Stewart, an Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics Instructor & Institute Director (RSA) since 1975.


Coaching Rates Cost
Individual POA
Group of up to 10 * participants POA
Group of up to 20 * participants POA

* Plus customary instructor travel costs to your location

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Client Comments

Johannesburg - A Midrand woman has become the world's fastest speed reader by reading 150 000 words per minute at a speed reading course. Louise Howell, 42, a mother of twins and member of IT giant CS Holdings marketing team, earlier read a 30 000 word book in 12 seconds. Following that, she wrote a comprehension test and scored 95%.

"I couldn't believe the limit you could push your brain. At one stage during the course I thought I just couldn't carry on. It's as if you have to cross a barrier. Your eyes have to get used to it."