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Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics Graduates 'Lifetime Privileges'

Since the launch of the Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics course in the late 1950's / early 1960's, many thousands of people did the Evelyn Wood course in a number of countries around the world, and were offered "lifetime privileges", entitling them to refresh their skills at any time and at no charge. For a number of reasons, it appears that these "lifetime privileges" have little value in some countries, where the successors in title to Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics in some countries have elected NOT to honor these "lifetime privileges".  

In South Africa, "lifetime privileges" of Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics graduates are granted full recognition if you did the EWRD course in South Africa after 1979. In North America, you are advised to communicate direct with the organization that provided your training.  In the rest of the world, the position is equally uncertain and you are advised to communicate direct with the organization that provided your training. The reason for this is that apparently the EWRD world-wide operation run by Evelyn Wood and her successors was wound-up sometime in the late 1980's. The rights to the EWRD trademarks in the USA were apparently acquired by an organisation in Kansas, USA and it is understood that they did not assume responsibility for honoring "lifetime privileges".

Notwithstanding the above, if you are unsuccessful in exercising your "lifetime privileges" with your EWRD provider, please feel free to contact us.

Speed Reading International (SRI) / ExecuRead in the USA has no affiliation with Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics in the USA.  Neither does SRI offer the Evelyn Wood course nor any substantive components of the Evelyn Wood courses. SRI is an independent company run by Dr Bruce W Stewart, a former overseas Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics Institute Director & Instructor with some 25 years experience in teaching the Evelyn Wood Methodology & Techniques.

Similarly, our affiliate organisation in South Africa has no affiliation with ANY EWRD company or organisation in the USA or in any other country.

The SRI ExecuRead and SuperReading courses are mostly classroom-based and are the product of Bruce Stewart's personal experiences as an overseas Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics instructor & institute director plus his application of speed-reading and smart-reading techniques to his career as a trial lawyer and corporate executive. With this experiential background, he may be able to assist you with any difficulties you may be experiencing in further improving your skills.

While EWRD graduates in North America are strongly urged to direct their "lifetime privilege" claims to the relevant North American service providers, SRI may be approached as a last resort. In the spirit of promoting effective and productive reading and information management skills, SRI in the USA and our affiliate in South Africa have adopted the following policy : 

If approached by ANY Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics Graduate, regardless of when or where in the world you completed the Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics course, Speed Reading International will recognize your "lifetime privileges", under the following terms and conditions :

1. refer a new regular-fee-paying student to one of our courses and you come along for free, or
2. pay the full prevailing public course fee to register for a scheduled class.
By doing one of these, you will henceforth be deemed to be one of 'our' students and you enjoy all benefits from us.

For those Speed Reading International Graduates in the USA (both ExecuRead and SuperReading) after October 2001, you are already on our database and should be receiving Graduate Bulletins from us every couple of months (if not, check to see that we have your latest email address) with details of refresher courses for graduates and new courses for your referrals. (You are of course always welcome to come along to any of our regular public courses for a refresher session and there is no charge to do this - we always like to see 'old' faces.)