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Graduates \ ExecuRead

Congratulations on having completed the ExecuRead course. Please peruse the following information in order to maximize the course benefits.

In class I promised to be your conscience ... to remind you about doing your drills, to keep you advised of my contact details for phone-support and to send you course updates, advisories about refresher courses and new drills & techniques to help you continue your progress. I have thus added you to my list of ExecuRead Graduates for periodic bulletins that should assist you in further developing your skills. If you decide that you don't want these bulletins, you are free to unsubscribe ..... and yes ..... I will be offended :-(


Refresher Courses

As an ExecuRead Graduate, you may redo any lesson or the entire ExecuRead course in order to refresh or further advance your skills. Presently, there is no charge for this privilege. We will send you periodic notices about future courses in your area to enable you to plan to attend refresher lessons. Remember, refresher courses are for those who wish to further improve their skills AND for those who think they may have got a bit rusty and need some help in getting back on track.

Daily Practice

Acquiring a new skill is not a one-day effort. If it's going to benefit you every day of your life, you need to invest in that skill, every day of your life. Just like a blade needs to be honed regularly to maintain its sharpness, so does your hi-speed reading skill. At least ONCE PER DAY, do a 3-2-1 exercise (drill 1 in the manual) and a practice-read-practice-read  exercise (drill 2). And once a week, check your speed with a 2-4-5 exercise (drill 4 in the manual). For the Reading Timer & Homework Sound Files check the Downloads page. 

Social Networking

If you'd care to join any of my social / business networks to make contact with other ExecuRead Graduates, or to add a recommendation about the ExecuRead Course, here are some links :

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It is human nature to talk about new experiences. No doubt you will talk about having done the ExecuRead course and what this has meant and will mean to you. You may even refer a friend or colleague to the course. When referring friends or co-workers to the course, please send us an email with your friend's name and email address so that we can ackowledge the referral and show our appreciation in some appropriate way.

Read, Read, Read

Your immediate goal should be to read at least 1 elective book per week. A 400-page book with 400wpp, read at only 1000wpm only requires 160 minutes of reading time PER WEEK. That's less than 25 minutes per day. At 2000wpm that's less than 12 minutes per day .... to complete 1 book a week, 52 books in a year. That's 10 times more books than the average college graduate will read in a life-time. It's easy, but only if you set your mind to it, practice every day and apply just a tiny bit of discipline. The Pagination Calculator is also on the Downloads page.

To assist you, here is a list of books which I really enjoyed, some of which are very visual and which lend themselves to faster reading rates. Good Luck & Good Reading.