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Lincoln Memorial University adds ExecuRead to freshmen orientation week July 15, 2010

The DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine at Lincoln Memorial University has incorporated the ExecuRead for Students speed reading & comprehension skills course into its orientation week for all incoming medical students in July 2010. 

"We've been offering this course to DeBusk students for the past 2 years to evaluate the course effectiveness" says ExecuRead president, Dr Bruce Stewart. "But this was elective and those students who wished to take the course had to pay for the training. This year it's included in orientation week so all 170-odd freshmen students will benefit." 

"This is the first university to include ExecuRead in it's student curriculum as a prescribed course. GA State's Robinson School of Business, which pilot-programmed the course earlier this year, has also endorsed the training and strongly recommends the ExecuRead course for all its incoming executive MBA students, going so far as to co-sponsor half of the course fee."

"I suspect that we'll see more of this in the future" says Stewart. "University fees are increasing as well as the demands being made on students. Increased reading and studying productivity maximizes the students' out-take from the university and increases the students' chances of graduating on time."